Historical information

This photograph was reproduced in the book One Grand Chain : The History of Anaesthesia in Australia 1846 - 1962 : Volume 2 1934 - 1962, Gwen Wilson, edited by Jeanette Thirlwell Jones, on page 89.

Physical description

Black and white photograph depicting a dentist's office with a woman patient sitting in a chair receiving anaesthesia. Behind the chair is a fully gowned and masked anaesthetist operating a DM Machine with CIG oxygen cylinders. The male dentist is seated to the left of the patient holding equipment near the patient's mouth. A woman dental nurse is standing to the left of the dentist holding a suction tool.

Inscriptions & markings

•Stamped in red ink on reverse: C.I.G. Equipment Pty. Ltd. •Handwritten in blue ink on reverse: CG13 •Handwritten in grey pencil on reverse: Dr H.N. Matthews / Essendon / Return to F Biggs •Handwritten in grey pencil on reverse: 6 [in a circle]