Physical description

.1) Thank you letter to Premier Joan Kirner for opening the Barker, Flecknoe and Steane buildings at the Ballarat School of Mines.
.2) Thank you letter from Eric Steane after the opening of the Steane Building
.3) Letter thanking Eric Steane for attending the opening ceremony
.4) Thank you letter from E.J.Barker expressing gratitude for name a building in his honour, and thanks to those who made the event so pleasurable.
.5) Order of Proceedings for the renaming ceremony, including Peter Shields speech and a draft speech to be made by Joan Kirner.
.6) Thank you card from Robyn [Studel?], daughter of Ken Flecknoe
.7) Fax on thermal paper from Joy and Robyn Flecknow regretfully declining the invitation to attend the opening of the Flecknoe Building
.8) Ballarat School of Mines Campus Plan, 1991
.9) Invitation to the Official opening and Naming of Ballarat School of Mines Facilities, 1991
.10) Fax to Eric Dearicott, Advisor to the Premier, concerning the wording of the plaque.
.11) Order of plaques from C.G. Roeszlep and Son Ltd
.12) Wording of illuminated address presented to A.W. Steane from the Ballarat School of Mines, 1991
.13) Letter requesting the Premier, Joan Kirner, to officially open four buildings at the Ballarat School of Mines.
.14) Copies of two pages from Ballarat School of Mines Council Minutes relating to naming a building in honour of E.J. Barker and Ken Flecknoe
.15) Programme for the opening of three buildings at the Ballarat School of Mines - Edward John Barker, Jenneth Johnson Flecknoe and Albert Whitelock Steane.
.16) Newspaper clipping of Premier Joan Kirner opening buildings at the Ballarat School of Mines