Historical information

This flagon which once contained 750 ml. of tawny port was sold at Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village in Warrnambool in the 1970s and perhaps the 1980s as a souvenir of the village and Warrnambool. Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village was opened in 1975 and is a re-created 19th century village and port built in the area of a Warrnambool historic precinct containing several original features from the 19th century. These include two operating lighthouses, lighthouse keepers’ quarters, chart room and a fortifications area with two cannons. As the village is a re-created port and includes a hotel called the Steam Packet Inn, the sale of a souvenir flagon of tawny port was most appropriate. Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village and Museum still operate today.


This flagon is retained as an example of the souvenirs sold in Warrnambool some years ago to tourists visiting Warrnambool and Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village.

Physical description

This is a ceramic flagon with a cream body and a brown top and handle. The printing on the flagon is black and the flagon also has black printing of the logo of Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village. The flagon has no stopper.

Inscriptions & markings

‘Flagstaff Hill Mariner’s Tawny Port’