Historical information

These items do not necessarily form a set. Several of the items are of miniature size and may have been samples for commercial travellers or shop displays or possibly used by women travelling. All of the items have their modern-day equivalents though hand fans are not widely used today.


These items are retained as examples of women’s accessories as used in past years. The sample-size items have a particular appeal to us today.

Physical description

This is a collection of women’s accessories and make-up items with most of the items being of miniature or sample size.
.1 Green bakelite fan with a white ribbon insert and fretwork at the top curved end of the fan.
.2 Three lipsticks with red lids and black and gold metal inserts.
.3 One lipstick with a pink lid and a silver and red metal insert.
.4 Two lipsticks with gold lids and gold metal inserts.
.5 Green tin of talcum powder with a white lid
.6 Manicure set in a green bakelite container with four metal manicure items with green handles and an emery board. This set holder also contains a 5d. tramway ticket from Melbourne.
These items above are in an old metal chocolate tin but this is not the container that would have housed the items originally.

Inscriptions & markings

‘Anne Page’
‘Judith Aden’
‘Cashmere Bouquet Colgate’
‘Pascall Claremont Tasmania’