Historical information

The Maroondah System was first and foremost developed as a functional component of Melbourne's Water Supply System. In addition to functionality, the Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works (MMBW) envisioned the Maroondah Reserve to be enjoyed aesthetically and recreationally by the public.

This souvenir illustrates the realisation of the Maroondah System as a local recreational and tourist attraction in the early 20th century. The Maroondah Reserve gardens were landscaped with English-style ornamental stonework, exotic trees, flower beds and rose gardens. All features of the water supply system became widely celebrated as beauty spots that continue to be very popular to this day with tourists and locals alike. This souvenir is a product of that flourishing tourist trade.

These water supply sites continue to enhance Melbourne’s charm and liveability and are now recognised as places of cultural and historic significance.


These souvenir salt and pepper shakers have been curated by Melbourne Water as they represent an important historical aspect of the organisation by demonstrating the popularity of its water asset sites as recreational places and tourist attractions, and although these sites are functional parts of the water supply system, they were also designed to be enjoyed by the public both aesthetically and recreationally. Additionally, the salt and pepper shakers are aesthetically pleasing as the blue glass and wooden handles demonstrate the design and style of the 1970s.

Physical description

These souvenir salt and pepper shakers feature glass bodies, wooden handles and plastic lids. The salt and pepper shakers are decorated with pictures of koalas, kangaroos and a map of Australia. The text “Maroondah Dam, Vic” has been inscribed on the wooden handles.