Physical description

One letter (1490.a) and two flyers (b and c)
a. A covering letter dated September 1985 to Anglican congregations and their representative on Mission letterhead with a typed message headed Sea Sunday' from Michael Chin, Senior Chaplain.
b. Monotone flyer with red colour title 'Your Daily Bread Costs Him His Family Life' depicts bearded man holding photo of woman and child aboard a ship. There are four different associated organisation logos.
c. Deep blue three-colour flyer titled 'Remember Seafarers on Sea Sunday; July 10th' features a graphic of a silhouetted figure framed by porthole looking at tanker out to sea; features three logos below.

Inscriptions & markings

Additional inscriptions and logos:
a. The Mission letterhead in blue featuring the Missions to Seamen flag.
b. The sub-title 'Sea Sunday Oct 20 is your chance to remember him and his family in your prayers' and featuring four logos; the International Christian Maritime Association circle, the Apostleship of the Sea flag, the British Sailors Society flag and The Missions to Seamen flag.
c. The sub-titles 'Seafarers are members of God's family too' and 'The Church serving ALL seafarers' and featuring three logos; The Mission to Seamen flag, the Apostleship of the Sea flag and the British Sailors Society flag.