Historical information

Identified as Dr. Roberta Donaldson of "Luxmee", 4 Windsor Crescent, Surrey Hills.
Dr. Donaldson was in practice in Surrey Hills for 50 years. After graduating in medicine at Melbourne University she was at the Royal Childrens Hospital when she decided to go to India as a member of the Zenana (?) Medical Women's Bible Group. She spent three years there but became ill and had to return home. It took a year or more to recover her health. Her uncle Thomas Emerson of Kent Road, Surrey Hills, talked her into commencing a practice at Surrey Hills which she did in Blackburn Street early in the 1920s. Within a short time she took over Dr. Navroji (Neville) Gandevia's practice in Windsor Crescent.
Her sister Agnes joined her and their mother Amelia took over the care of the household enabling both sisters to concentrate on their practices. Her father had been a doctor at Linton, near Skipton and her brother was a doctor in Skipton.
The practice ceased in 1970, Dr Roberta having given 50 years of service as a gynaecologist in Surrey Hills.

Physical description

A black and white photograph of a lady wearing round wire rimmed glasses. Her dark hair is pulled back from her face. She is wearing a satin-look top and a string of pearls.