Historical information

This is a trophy given to a Warrnambool Football Association by Harry Pritchard. He was a Warrnambool businessman who had the Warrnambool Sports Depot store in Kepler Street in the 1920s. The trophy was for the winner of the Warrnambool Wards Football Association. This was a Junior Association promoted by the Warrnambool Football Club and it existed from 1924 to 1930. It was proposed that the four Council Wards, Hopkins, Victoria, Albert and Merri each had a football team but it is not clear if all had teams and how many teams from other areas took part in the competition. The Pritchard Cup records that the Hopkins Ward Football Team won the trophy in 1926 and that Allansford, a team outside of the four wards, won in 1927. The records of the Allansford Football Club go back to the 1890s.


This cup is of considerable interest, firstly as an attractive trophy in its own right and secondly as a memento of a football association connected with the Warrnambool Council Wards. Both the Council Wards structure and the Wards football association no longer exist.

Physical description

This is a silver cup with two ornamental handles, a slender stem and a silver base. The cup has a lid with a knob in the middle. The cup, lid and base are all heavily etched and patterned with scrolls, leaves and flowers. There is an inscription on one side of the cup. The cup sits on a circular brown wooden base which has a cloth or paste mixture affixed to the bottom. The wooden section has two silver plaques with inscriptions. There is a small piece of wood missing on the side of the top of the mount.

Inscriptions & markings

‘The Pritchard Cup presented to Warrnambool Ward’s (sic) Football Association by H. Pritchard.’ ‘Won by Hopkins Ward Football Club Season 1926’ ‘Won by Allansford Football Club Season 1927’