Historical information

This album contains photographs from the Warrnambool Dramatic Society’s 1955 production of ‘See How They Run’. Amateur theatre groups have been operating in Warrnambool since the 1850s under a variety of names. The Warrnambool Dramatic Society was operating in the late 1940s and has continued to operate over the ensuing years with the name of the group today being the Warrnambool Theatre Company. This album gives us historical and pictorial information on the performers in ‘See How They Run’. No further information has been found on the owner of the album, Perc Moore.


This album contains photographs that are important as a record of a Warrnambool Dramatic Society production in 1955.

Physical description

This is an album of 12 pages. It is bound with two metal studs. It has a buff-coloured cover in a mottled pattern with silver printing on the front cover. It contains ten black and white photographs, two of them loose. It also has inserted in the first two pages two programmes. The album is in a cream-coloured cardboard box. This box is much stained.

Inscriptions & markings

‘Presented by the Warrnambool Dramatic Society to Mr Perc Moore whose production of ‘See How They Run’ made such an outstanding success 18-10-55’