Historical information

The pieces represent the type of cutlery utensils issued to Defence Forces over a wide range of conflicts.


Significant in respect to being an example of the types of equipment etc that was used during many conflicts including (likely) the Vietnam War.

Physical description

Era of usage is undetermined. Cutlery set, for use in base, comprising knife, fork and spoon, made of metal. Given the different markings on the pieces and the different aging colours, it is likely that this is not a set but notwithstanding that appearance, they still represent the standard issue of cutlery to the Armed Forces for use 'ín base'.

Inscriptions & markings

Both the fork and spoon have Rising Sun imprinted onto the handles; plus the fork has two half moon swirls at the end of the handles. The knife has a twin line border on the handle.
Additionally, the fork has nickel and silver, sheffield england on reverse of the handle.