Historical information

As Bogong State School was located in a remote area especially in winter when the weather and therefore the road isolated the school for an indefinite time, the school was provided with up to date equipment with a comprehensive library and educational films that wouldn't disadvantage the students. Educational films covered all subjects and areas of the curriculum. The projector was very modern at the time.
The Society for Visual Education Inc was founded in 1919 as a for-profit educational publisher dedicated to the use of new technologies in teaching.


This projector was used at the Bogong State School which opened in 1941 for the children of the employees of the State Electricity Commission of Victoria who were working on the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme. The school was outstanding as reported by the school inspectors regarding the education of the pupils which was also supported by new and modern equipment. The nearest school was 14 km away over a dirt road that wound around the Victorian mountains and often closed due to bad weather.

Physical description

Bakelite box holding a globe and a small black tin projector on brown rectangular bakelite base with 4 round rubber stands at each corner. It is able to be moved upwards from the front to adjust the height within a cm. The back is a tall irregular box shape with ventilation on 2 sides of the bottom and at the top. There is a brass plaque attached above 1 vent and an electric cord, with switch, below it. Attached at each side of the front of this box is a cylinder fitted horizontally facing the front where the lense is fitted. At right angles above there is another cylinder, hollow, with a rod for the film to be placed. Globe also in Bakelite box

Inscriptions & markings

Plaque: Pictorial Projector / Model Q / 120 Volts. 100 Watts / No. 23736 / Manufactured / Society of Visual Education Inc. / Chicago U.S.A