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5 small black and white photos of Clover Dam and Power Station

From the Collection of Kiewa Valley Historical Society Mount Beauty Information Centre 31 Bogong High Plains Rd Mt Beauty Victoria

5 small black and white photographs
2 photos - 85mm x 65mmm. 3 photos 90mm x 65mm.
Object Registration
KVHS 1146
construction, clover power station, clover dam,
Historical information
The construction of Clover Power Station was commenced in October 1942 and the power station building was completed in May, 1943. The first machine was placed in service August, 1944 and the second machine in May, 1945. The water discharges directly into Clover Dam and re-used in West Kiewa Station. Clover Dam - stripping of foundation area commenced in January 1948 but the final concrete pour was not until 14th August, 1954.
When Made
Pictorial history of the early construction undertaken in the building of the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme. Clover power station (No. 3 Development) was the first power station to be built .
Inscriptions & Markings
Photo No. 1 - handwritten in ink on back ' No. 3 Power Station Clover Flat Nov. 1948
Photo No. 2 - handwritten in ink on back 'No. 3 Power Station Clover Flat Nov. 1948
Photo No. 3- handwritten in ink 'Clover Flat looking towards work area of Clover Dam. Taken near #3 PS. Nov. 1948
Photo No 4 - Handwritten in ink 'Preparation for wall of Clover Dam Dec. 1948
Photo No.5 - handwritten in ink 'Preparation for wall o f Clover Dam Dec. 1948.
Photo Nos. 1,2 3, on the back have circular stamp with 'Print by Willson White Albury'. In pencil is the number '78'.
Photo Nos. 4, 5, have written on the back in pencil, number '14'.
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