Historical information

Ferdinand von Mueller was born at Rostock, Germany, on 30 June 1825 , died at Melbourne, Australia, on 10 October 1896.
He studied pharmacy and took his Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Kiel in 1847. He came to Australia in 1848 for health reasons and became a great botanical collector and writer. He was Victorian Government Botanist from 1853, and for a time Director of the Botanic Gardens. He travelled widely in Victoria and was on the A.C.Gregory expedition to northern Australia in 1855-57. He supported botanical exploration and collecting throughout the colonies.
681.3 was presented to Carl Grove from G. Tadgell of Flemington.
Charles Henry [Carl] Grove died on 17/4/1938 at Box Hill at the age of 88 and was buried in Orbost. Prior to coming to the Snowy River district, Carl worked as overseer on Buchan Station. In 1880, he selected land at Newmerella after first coming here in 1874 with early selector James A Robertson.He was one of the first selectors at Orbost - in 1880 he selected 320 acres at Newmerella, which he called „Ulinda‟ He married Annie Robertson in 1876. Carl was a farmer, hop and seed grower and nurseryman. He was an elected Councillor of the newly formed Tambo Shire in 1882, and then in 1892 to the Orbost Shire where he served for many years filling varioius public roles. In 1911, he shifted to Queensland, but later returned to Victoria and died at Box Hill. (Ref. Nov 2014 Newsletter)


Mueller was one of the first people to take a scientific interest in Victorian forests, and argued against indiscriminate clearing of land. This item is a useful research tool. It is associated with Carl Grove, a prominent early resident of Orbost.

Physical description

Three copies of fabric bound book with a deep blue cover and the title, "Key To The System Of Victorian plants" in gold print. It has an ornate border around the edge.

Inscriptions & markings

inside cover of 681.1 - To H. Grove, March 1891 Ulinda, Newmerella, Victoria