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On November 11th 1926 the Shire of Eltham War Memorial Tower at Kangaroo Ground was opened. It is regarded as one of Melbourne’s most outstanding lookout towers. It commands a magnificent 360 degree panorama from Kinglake across the Diamond Valley to Macedon and the You Yangs. It is built on a peak which was once a volcano, 237 metres above sea level.
After World War one a memorial cairn was erected on the site, and in 1925 a committee of public-minded citizens began to plan for a tower. Many generous donations of material and money were forthcoming so that in 1926 the Governor General Lord Stonehaven was able to unveil the plaque before a crowd of 500 people

There was some concern in the 1960s when the Forests Commission wanted to build a firespotters cabin on the top. At first R.S.L. branches opposed the idea, but it was realised that this use could combine with its use as a tourist attraction, and would ensure its maintenance for the future.
Today the Kangaroo Ground tower provides one of the best views around Melbourne and is a fitting memorial to those who died in two world wars.
From: Historic items for Diamond Valley Community Radio September 1990 (EDHS collection)

On November 8th, 1951, the memorial was re-dedicated by the Governor of Victoria, Sir Dallas Brooks with the addition of the names of men from the Shire of Eltham who fell in the Second World War. Further wreaths were added subsequent to this image in time for the 2001 Reembrance Day service to commemorate the men from th shire who had fallen in the Malayan, Korean, Borneo and Vietnam campaigns.

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