Historical information

John Inglis Lothian and family at 'Tantallon', c1925. John Inglis Lothian was born in Dunbar Scotland in 1851. He married Lillias Charlotte Smith (b 1847) in 1876. They had 6 children, all but the last born in Scotland before they migrated to Australia in 1888.
Children were:
1. Margaret Morrison (1879 - )
2. Thomas Carlyle (1880 - 1974)
3. Elizabeth Inglis (1882 - 1973)
4. Lillias Smith (1883 - 1971)
5. Isabella Margaret (1885 - 1946)
6. John George (1892 - 1983).
Lillias Smith Lothian (Father's name: Morrison Smith; Mother's name Margaret Inglis) died in Ringwood and is buried in Box Hill Cemetery (C-*-0138). Most of the other members of the family were cremated and their ashes scattered.
The family were in York Street, Surrey Hills in 1903 but moved to Ringwood where they were orchardists, returning to 59 York Street by 1927, by which time John Inglis Lothian had retired.
Thomas Carlyle Lothian lived at 33 York Street (St Abbs) and established Lothian Publishing Co Pty Ltd. He died on 19 Apr 1974 in Mont Albert.

Physical description

A black and white photograph of a family group of 8 adults and four children in a garden setting; some being seated in chairs and deck chairs, some seated on the grass and some standing.