Historical information

William Valentine Hill (1854-1940) journalist, was the owner of 'Eignbrook',10 Pembroke Street from 1904. His wife was Annie Boak (1865-1943); they were married in 1885.
William Hill (Bill) Dempsey was his grandson. His mother Laura Constance Hill married Herbert T Dempsey in 1925.

Physical description

Original sepia photograph of the street view of a weatherboard in the Queen Anne style with a steep pitched iron roof; house is fronted by a picket fence.

Inscriptions & markings

There are 2 copies of this original photo; the better copy has been scanned. The second copy is slightly mottled and the edges left and right have been cropped so that the adjacent house is not seen.
Back of photo 1 is inscribed “10 Pembroke St. Donor W Dempsey”.
Photo 2 has inscribed on back "Hills home, 10 Pembroke St, Surrey Hills. Donor W Dempsey"
Card has written underneath the photo, “10 Pembroke St”