Historical information

The site of the Post office was the south side of Eltham on the Yarra Glen road. 0.3 km SW of Ridge Rd., now freehold.
The first Post Office-cum General Store at Christmas Hills was built by Thomas Young during the 1870s, when the district was a thriving farming community. Young operated postal services here from 1874 to 1909. Moreover, the two front rooms of this general store aslo served as the district's first school. When the store was demolished in the early 1900s, these school-rooms were moved to the residence next door (to the east) which took over the role of the Post Office store until the service finally closed in the early 1970s. The latter building is still in use today as a private residence". Christmas Hills Past & Present (Yarra Glen & District Historical Society, 2004)

Physical description

Roll of medium format 120 6x6 black and white negative film, 4 frames

Inscriptions & markings

Agfa APX 100