Historical information

At the end of August 1940 the Hired Military Transport Dunera, a boat carrying around 2,500 European male internees, the majority of which were Jewish, arrived on Australian shores after two arduous months at sea. Although many had made England their home, their German or Austrian background caused these men to be classified as ‘enemy aliens’ by the British Government and sent to Australia without their families. The ‘Dunera Boys’ were interned in camps at Tatura and Hay. Although some internees were released after two years because they possessed specific industry skills which would aid the nation, others were interned for the entire duration of the war.

This collection brings together objects, personal effects and documents relating to the journey, internment and subsequent military service in the 8th regiment experienced by the ‘Dunera Boys’. Also included are artworks and poems created by the internees during their interment, which express the thoughts and feelings of the men and document the daily life in the camps.

Physical description

Velvet, silk, silk embroidery thread, cotton thread, silk cord, leather, cotton and wood