Historical information

This diary was handwritten by Alfred Broch over the course of four months in 1940. It was kept while Alfred Broch was travelling on the HMT Dunera and then during his detainment in the Hay internment camp.

Physical description

Bound with cotton and handwritten in pencil. Bound with cotton and handwritten in pencil.

Inscriptions & markings

[selected passage translation from German, further translation available] : “Dunera” 10.VII – 6.IX.1940 First impression very depressing. Fears. Confusion with prisoners of war. Never mind. Corrected. Continuing further bad treatment. Boarding the ship assisted by rifle butts. Robbed as soon as we reached the deck. Impression of a death ship. Complete helplessness. No sleeping facilities. All sleep on the floor, on tables etc. Intended accommodation taken up by luggage cases. (barbed wire). Food good but only spoons. Next day: robbery from the cases. Own people steal. Purloined objects even include toothbrushes and toothpaste. Much to eat. Small convoy with one cruiser. In the same convoy a women’s transport which soon leaves us as it is bound for Canada and we are quite surprised. The English soldiers and officers have another side. While in the danger zone they only had a webbing belt and slippers. In case of torpedoes – expecting certain death. Bad air as all vents are closed.
Other Inscriptions: Front page, upper right, underlined: "Alfred Broch" Front page, upper, underlined: "Notitz Buch" Front page, centre, underlined: "Hay 1941" Page 1, upper right: "Mittwoch 10. VII." Page 3, upper right: "10. VII. - 6. IX. 1940 Page 4, centre: "[...] ARANDORA STAR" Page 11, upper, underlined: "Von Liverpool Nach Hay / Mittwoch 10 VII"