Historical information

This is the Weekly Times Annual of 1929. The Weekly Times newspaper was established in 1869 and was taken over by the Herald Newspaper group in 1892. It is a paper dedicated to rural affairs and is now the oldest rural newspaper in Australia. It has long been known as the ‘Bible of the Bush’. This annual contains many advertisements and photographs and sketches of places in rural Australia. It also has many articles, short stories and illustrations. Notable people that have contributed to this annual include Will Dyson (sketches), C.J.Dennis (poem), Vance Palmer (short story) and Norman Lindsay (reproduction of an art work). It also has a short story by Gertrude Hart, a novelist and short story writer. Her parents lived in Warrnambool in the 1850s (her father was the local Wesleyan minister) and her father retired to a place near to Warrnambool – Kirkstall.


This attractive booklet is retained as an excellent example of Weekly Times Annuals in the past. It is also important because it has a short story by Gertrude Hart, a writer with connections to Warrnambool.

Physical description

This is a newspaper annual booklet of 68 pages. The cover has a buff-coloured background with a colour illustration of a stately building on the front with red printing and five colour photographs on the back page with black printing. The booklet has many advertisements, articles, short stories and photographs. Some pages are missing and a couple of pages are torn.