Historical information

This is a de-luxe edition of a 1984 facsimile publication of Edward Vidler’s 1907 book, ‘Sixty Years of Progress’. The facsimile book was published by the Osburne Group, a group of three Warrnambool men who reproduced several books that were out of print but were important in Warrnambool’s history. The facsimile book features the photographs and text of the original 1907 book alongside photographs and text concerning Warrnambool in the 1980s. J.B. Dwyer, who was given this de-luxe edition, was a prominent 20th century lawyer in Warrnambool. The original Edward Vidler book was produced to mark the sixty year anniversary of the founding of Warrnambool. It is a very rare book today but it is very important because it featured many photographs hitherto-unpublished and an accompanying text that is deemed today to be very accurate in historical terms. Edward Vidler, a publisher, writer, journalist and editor, was in Warrnambool in the early 1900s and, through his membership of the Warrnambool Progress League and the Chamber of Commerce, was responsible for initiating many improvements in the town and he was also responsible for organizing the making of the Pioneer Honour Board with its portraits of 204 pioneer men in the Warrnambool district.


This book is of interest as a de-luxe edition of the 1984 facsimile publication of the Edward Vidler book, ‘Sixty Years of Progress’, a 1907 book on Warrnambool’s history. The reprinting of Vidler’s book enabled many researchers and others interested in Warrnambool’s history to access the Vidler information more easily as it is now rare to find a copy of the original Vidler book.

Physical description

This is a hard cover book of 120 pages with 90 pages of text and a biographical register, a bibliography and an index. The cover is dark blue with gold printing on the front and the spine.