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Historical information

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Construction in Process VI
The Bridge, Melbourne
Event: March 21-31 1998
Exhibition April 1-30 1998

During Construction in Process (CIP) III at Lodz, Poland in 1991, Emmett Williams and other participating artists initiated the idea of a biannual "performance" of their project in different cities and sites around the world. In the first instance, CIP was a response to the strictures of museum contained commodification of art practices and the dissolution of communism. And with this agenda in mind, their events affirm the active participation of international artists with local infrastructure and site specific materials.

The organisation of the 1998 CIP in Melbourne, titled "The Bridge", took Richard Thomas, Katherine Armstrong, Gail Davidson and the legion of others over two years of dedication. And they brought off one of the most open-ended, logistically challenging conceptual events this metropolis has witnessed.

The following photo essay provides a personal survey of the "The Bridge", as I saw it transpire around me.

German artist Dagmar Udhe created several art installation in Swanson Dock and the Mission.

This plaque was placed either in the dome or outside the dome. It may have been forgotten or left intentionally by the artist.

Physical description

Ultramarine ovoid shaped perspex plaque attached to the wall in the entrance of the Mission (Flinders Street).