Historical information

This original photograph is printed on Kodak photo postcard paper dating from 1908-1914. It belonged to the Anthony family who sent six children to Williamstown Grammar. The eldest, Queenie Anthony, commenced in 1908. In 1914, when the original building was gifted to the Education Department to establish Williamstown High School, Queenie and her siblings remained with Mabel Molland, moving to Holy Trinity Hall, to complete their primary school years.

The teacher seated at the right is not Mabel Molland, who commenced in 1911. This is possibly Miss Molland's predecessor, Miss Towl. Research is underway to identify students in the photograph.

Physical description

Black and white photograph of a group of students in four rows with Denis Gerity standing at the left and a woman seated at the right. A board is placed before the front row with the letter 'WGS'. The photograph is printed onto postcard stock branded Kodak Austral.

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten inscriptions on the back include the word 'Anthony' three times (one in the top half, two in the bottom half) and a large smudge in the bottom right corner - all in light blue ink. Also possibly 'Old Grammar School Pupils of Mr. Gerity' and 'Mrs' in black ink. There is name and address inscribed in dark blue writing ink along the left edge. A number '14' in graphite in the stamp box and a further number '1' encircled and underlined in dark blue ink in the bottom right corner.