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[article in EDHS Newsletter No. 123, November 1998:] MUD BRICK HERITAGE EXCURSION AND THE FUTURE. A small group of members attended the excursion on 4th October. We visited a number of earth houses listed by the Eltham Heritage Study in a very pleasant day's outing. The first visit was to the home of Jenny and Brian Ellis in York Street, formerly the home of Jenny's father Professor William McMahon Ball. We were made very welcome with inspection of the inside and outside showing the various stages of construction. We then walked through the grounds of "Kinloch", the Jelbart property in Arthur Street where we saw their large mud brick house and barn. Lunch was at Marion and Russell Yeoman's house in Peter Street. This pise house was built by the Moore family in the early 1950's. In the afternoon we visited the home of artist Jenni Mitchell in Fordhams Road, one of the last examples of the work of Alistair Knox. Then we travelled to Laughing Waters Road where we saw two interesting houses owned and built by well known landscape gardener Gordon Ford. Along the way we stopped to view a number of other properties from the street.

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