Historical information

Photos of a ceremony and wreath laying at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. It was part of the Golden Jubilee 50 year celebrations in 1973. (see also 00479). It is the same event when an Olive Tree of Peace was planted in the western lawn of the Shrine (see 00441 and 00442).
The photos show a group of Legatees marching towards the Shrine behind a military band. The men were being led by Legatee Bob Risson.
Photos came from an envelope marked P1 Federal Conference 1973 / 50 Year anniversary.


A record of a ceremony to mark the 50th year of Legacy.

Physical description

Black and white photo x 7 of a service at the Shrine for the 50th Anniversary.

Inscriptions & markings

All stamped "This Photograph is the compliments of the Ministry of Tourism, Government of Victoria. Please acknowledge Michael Cheshire" in grey ink.
00479.3 Label on front says "L/Bob Risson with parade at Shrine".
00479.4 Label on front says "Fall in at Shrine".