Historical information

Tertiary education at Ballarat began with the establishment of the School of Mines in 1870, making it Australia's third oldest tertiary institution. Classes began in surveying, mathematics, chemistry and a decade later they included metallurgy, assaying and geology. The technical division provided such programs as wool classing, plumbing and bricklaying. In 1967, it was split into three separate institutions, Ballarat School of Industries, Ballarat Technical School, and Ballarat Institute of Advanced Education. Then in 1976 the Ballarat Institute of Advanced Education became Ballarat College of Advanced Education. The Ballarat School of Industries and Ballarat Technical School became the School of Mines and Industries, Ballarat (SMB). In 1998, the Ballarat School of Mines and Industries and the Horsham-based Wimmera Institute of TAFE merged with the University of Ballarat. The university merged with Monash University's Gippsland (Churchill) campus in 2013 and the merged schools are now the Federation University Australia.

Physical description

Gold coloured School of Mines Ballarat brass badges with blue and green enameling. Box of 72 (8 are loose in the box but 64 are in individual packets).

Inscriptions & markings

On face - Ballarat School of Mines, Ingenio Effodere Opes
Stamped into back - Stokes Melb