Historical information

This book is part of a collection of books, photos and memorabilia donated from the Chatham-Holmes family collection. The book belonged to Harry Holmes.

Physical description

Red hard covered book of 320 pages. The front cover is impressed with the Hodder & Stoughton initials and an art deco design. The spine is printed in black with the title, author and the publisher. On the first page is the booksellers seal and the names, addresses and dates of two people. The book is entitled 'The Thunderer, a Romance of Napoleon and Josephine'.

Inscriptions & markings

First page Written in pencil - Rb Telford?, 138 Webster St Ballarat, May 1930
Written in black pen - H.S. Holmes, Launchby, Jan 1934
On pages 31 & 63 written in pencil - Rb Telford?