Historical information

In search of regular sports competition, Westbourne joined a number of sporting associations, including the Ballarat Public Schools Association (BPSA). Participation in sports teams, often with Saturday morning fixtures requiring overnight billeting in various towns, became compulsory for all students in 1986.

In 1997 Principal Geoffrey Ryan was involved in the foundation and implementation of a new Association of Co-educational Schools (ACS) that would streamline sports competition for Westbourne. Other foundation schools were Eltham College, Loyola College, St Leonards College and St Michael’s Grammar School. Based on principles of inclusiveness, equal sporting opportunities for boys and girls, participation, commitment and competitiveness, the major advantage of the new ACS competition was that ‘all fixtures will be completed after school during the week in time for students to catch late buses home’ (Geoffrey Ryan, Principal’s Newsletter, December 1997).

Physical description

Felted wool cap in alternating black and yellow segments with a black peak and the letters 'B.P.S.A' appliqued on the front yellow segment.