Historical information

These documents came from the office of Rolf Crawley who was an engineer, surveyor and architect in private practice in Warrnambool and also the engineer for the Shire of Warrnambool from 1935 to 1968. His grandfather, father and uncle were also engineers, working in that capacity for the Shire of Warrnambool or as Secretary for the Shire of Warrnambool, with the Crawley family recording a total of 132 years of service to the Shire. The Shire of Warrnambool existed from 1863 to 1994. The documents came into the possession of Michael Hand who took over the Crawley surveying business in Warrnambool. The Warrnambool and District Historical Society acquired the documents, along with other Crawley memorabilia, from the Michael Hand Estate.


These documents will be useful for reference and research, particularly in regard to the Shire of Warrnambool history.

Physical description

This is a packet of documents from the office of Rolf Crawley. They are mostly single sheets which include letters from the Office of the Surveyors Board, documents relating to employees and trainees and some Government papers. They are mostly typewritten with the signature of Rolf Crawley. There is one map of the Eumerella Drainage area.