Historical information

These items are from the Heyfield estate in 1899 from the pine lining of the old Orbost School residence which was opposite the school on the corner of Tennyson Street.
The Orbost State School opened on 19th of March 1886 .The school had first operated tem­porarily in a leased building, and on a half-time basis with SS2745 Jarrahmond. The first head teacher was HT Campbell Mackay. However he remained in charge only until 12th of May 1886. The second HT, John Rowe, served until 1908. On 30th of June 1887, a portable room was provided; it being brought to the area by schooner. The school then had accommodation for 30 pupils; the teacher's welfare was considered because quarters of two rooms were attached.


This item is part of the history of education in Orbost.

Physical description

Two pieces of pine wood lining boards with newspaper glued on to a blue painted background. 715.1 is the larger if the two pieces. On the larger piece is a tattered label with a hand-written description of the history of the board. The smaller piece has a nail on each side at the top with a piece of string tied to each ( for hanging).