Historical information

Brodribb State School was State School 3635. It is now on the grounds of the Primary School at Orbost. The schoolopened on 1st of January 1910. It consisted of a building constructed by the parents of the children concerned. This early structure was leased to the Department which had refused requests by the parents to provide a school. This arrangement persisted until 1950. The first Head Teacher was Hubert E. Neville who served there from 1st of January 1910 to 7th of July 1910. In 1950 the Jarrahmond School building was moved to Brodribb, and provided much improved facilities for the teacher and pupils. This building remained in use until 1965 when the school closed because of insufficient numbers. The Brodribb School remained vacant until 1968, when, moved to Orbost, it became an integral part of the school in Ruskin Street Orbost.


This school record is of immediate interest and value to the pupils and staff who have learned and taught in the Brodribb State School. The record also has a much wider significance, to the community in which the school is situated, as a record and research tool.

Physical description

Hand - written minutes of the Brodribb State School Committee. They are bound together but with no cover. The writing is in black ink.