Historical information

Alan Judge Holt as an infant. He was born 16 June 1912, one of 3 sons of Edmund Holt and his wife Ruby Ellen Sutton. His brothers were Frederick Sutton Holt (1914-1992) and Raymond James Holt (1918-2000). The family home was 9 Beatrice Avenue, Surrey Hills and the family were active members of the Surrey Hills Methodist Church.
Alan married Edna Jean Pallot in 1937 and they too had 3 sons - Barry, Neville and Max. Alan and Edna and family lived at 62 Broughton Road, Surrey Hills; later Alan and Edna lived at 2 Earle Street, Mont Albert and finally 13 Berry Street, Box Hill.
Alan became Secretary of the Victorian Lands Department. He was passionate about local history and was responsible for much of the backbone research and records of the Surrey Hills local history collection. He died in 1993.

Physical description

A young Alan Judge Holt sitting on a box. Estimated age is 2 years.