Historical information

TROVE : Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), Monday 17 January 1859, page 7
TO the PHYSICIANS of AUSTRALIA -WOLFE'S SCHIEDAM AROMATIC SCHNAPPS, A superlative Tonic, Diuretlc, Anti-Dyspepsic and invi-gorating Cordial,-This medical diet-drink is manufactured soley by the proprietor at his distillery, in Schiedam, in Holland, expressly for medicinal purposes. It Is the pure tincture of junlper, distilled from the best barley that can be selected in Europe at any cost. It is flavored and medicated, not by the common harsh berry, but by the choice botanical variety of tho aromatic Italian juniper berry, whose more vinous ex-tract is distilled and rectified with its spirituous sol-vent. and thus it becomes a concentrated tincture of exquisite flavor and aroma, altogether transcendant in Its cordial and medicinal properties to any alcoholic stimulant now in use In the world. It has been submitted to all the first chemists and physicians in the United States, who endorse it over their own signatures as one of tho great essentials of the materia medica. It is now proscribed with great success In gravel, grout, rheumatism, obstruction of the bladder and kidneys, dyspepsia, whether acute or chronic, in general debility, sluggish circulation of the blood, inadequate assimilation of food, and exhausted energy, are acknowledged by the whole medical faculty and attested in their highest written authorities. Put up in quart and pint bottles, enveloped In yellow paper, with tho proprietor's name on tho bottle-, cork, and label. For sale by all the respectable druggists and merchants. UDOLPHO WOLFE WILKINSON BROTHERS and Co., sole agents for Australia. Depots at Melbourne and Sydney.
TROVE : Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954), Wednesday 19 November 1941, page 4
WOLFE'S Aromatic SCHNAPPS Wolfe's Schnapps is now distilled in Australia from the original formula of Udolpho Wolfe. It remains, as before, a beverage of unique medicinal properties — Appetising, Re-freshing, , Stimulat-ing — as good for women as for men. -Wolfe's 'Schnapps for j your health's sake FOR VICTORY-buy War Bonds Now . W.B.157.13

Physical description

Olive green glass bottle, square in section, slightly tapering toward the base, text embossed on three sides, circular ring embossed in shallow pontil shaped impression on base.

Inscriptions & markings