Historical information

Aileen was the daughter of Reverend Richard Vallencey Danne and Mary Danne , nee Johnston, herself daughter of Reverend Kerr Johnston. She was married to Alfred Augustus Brown.
In 1935 she wrote the memoirs presented during the annual meeting of the Mission on the 10th of April by her brother, Reverend Noel Johnston Danne.
It was sold for fundraising purposes for the Mission.

In the article from the Herald published on Wednesday 10 April 1935, page 14 :
"An interesting presentation took place during the afternoon when the Rev. N. J. Danne, on behalf of his sister, Mrs A. E. Browne, will present the Mission with a copy of the Memoirs of the Victoria Mission to Seamen from the year 1853, when their grandfather was the first chaplain of the Mission. Further copies of the memoirs were sold to assist the funds of the mission."

Physical description

Medium sized booklet. 16 pages memoirs with blue cover written by Aileen Elizabeth Brown in 1935 tells the beginnings of the mission and Kerr Johnston (1812-1887), seamen's mission chaplain.
Foreword written by Aileen Elizabeth Brown. On page 2 are the photographs of the Reverend Kerr Johnston and his wife.