Historical information

This book is part of a collection of books, photos and memorabilia donated from the Chatham-Holmes family collection. This little prayer book was owned by Edith Holmes and was presented to her as an enrolled member of the Jesuit Seminary Association.

Physical description

This small blue, leather bound book has the title and a cross printed in gold on the front cover and the title on the spine. There is a picture of Jesus on the title page and the printing in the book is black and some headings are printed in red. It is 125 pages but page 33/34 is missing (The attached red marker ribbon is at this spot). A small card has been taped into the front of the book showing that Mrs Edith Holmes had been enrolled as a member of the Jesuit Seminary Association on 4 January 1967. In the back of the book are taped two pieces of paper, one written in pen with the 23rd Psalm and the other with a typed copy of the Invalids Prayer.

Inscriptions & markings

In pencil on flyleaf - 18/6
On card written in pen - Douglas Boyd