Historical information

Artist's statement: I chose to make these afikoman pouches even though they may not be familiar to or used by all Jewish families. In these little pouches, a small piece of matzah would be placed in the pouch and then hidden in the house for the children to find during the Passover meal. On finding it, a gift is given. The story of Passover and Judaism in general have been kept alive over the centuries. I wanted to honour the passing down of the Torah through the generations, and, in particular, the role of children in its transmission. I have used the Australian desert as a metaphor for the great wilderness crossed by the People of Israel. A recent trip to Broken Hill and beyond inspired me to work with the subtle colours and textures of that landscape and I have incorporated into the work found objects, stones and beads collected there. (2007, New Under the Sun: Australian Contemporary Design in Jewish Ceremony III)

Physical description

machine embroidered