Physical description

This menorah has 7 candle holders joined in a horizontal row, on thin rod stands. The circular holders sit on two flat silver strips that are attached to silver rectangles on either side of the holders, creating a shield-like form on either side of the holder. The stand on which this construction is propped up, is made up of rods that stand vertically on either side of the holders and behind the shields. The rods are intersected by other rod 'lines' that visually weave horizontally across the top half of the stand. Each point of intersection of lines and rod stands is marked by a circular shape. Artist's statement: In terms of the Jewish diaspora, the variety and flexibility of approaches within Judaism has enabled the culture to endure and nurture ever stronger connections despite physical distance. This notion of an enriched connectedness was one of the two central ideas which contributed to the development of this piece. The second was the idea of light and its cultural significance. Light is about both practical illumination and spiritual expression. While revealing and manipulating material and form, light has also come to stand for the triumph of goodness over evil for many cultures, Of utmost importance in Jewish ritual, light and its media are also recognised symbols of connection and interaction for Jewish people throughout the world. (1999, Blessed Be the Work, Australian Contemporary Design in Jewish Ceremony II)