Historical information

‘Strathmore’ Victoria Crescent (dem.) Joseph Sutton Crow and his wife Jessie (nee Temby) bought this property which had belonged to the Purbrick family in 1924. Sutton was an amateur ‘planner and landscape designer’ and had much pleasure in planning the use of their garden of 100 feet by 400 feet. While part remained rural with sheep, an orchard and vegetable garden, he laid out sweeping designs for the front garden which Jessie enjoyed converting into a garden worthy of display and which did gain prizes in the Herald Garden competitions of the 1930s. They entertained friends and often had as guests University Conservatorium staff and visiting musical personnel. They also opened the garden for local church fund-raising functions. Children, Jean and Ray, had areas set out for their recreation with pets and activities areas.
The donor was their daughter.

Physical description

A black and white photograph of a Californian Style weatherboard house, painted in a dark colour. There is a well established garden in front. There is a bay window at one side of the house.