Historical information

7-9 Russell Street has had 2 house names: ‘Vavau’ and ‘Handsworth’. Early occupants were:
1887–1892: George Legge, builder.
1892-1902: Arthur Greenwood – storeman and missionary in Tonga, hence the house name ‘Vavau.’
1902–1950s: Mr and Mrs George Jackson and family of 10 children. Alice Jackson was a specialist manufacturing jeweller and set up a jewellery business with her husband. He and the family continued it until late 1950s.
1978–1986: Sold in late 1950s; Ruth Theodoris and her husband Peter bought it; sold 1986.
The house is extant in 2020 and was last sold in May 2009 for $1,315,000. Real estate agent photos from the time reveal it has had a large extension at the rear.

Physical description

A black and white photograph of a late Victorian Boom Style house with ornate filigree lacework on the verandah. There is a picket fence along the front. Scalloped lace curtains adorn the front windows.