Historical information

James Goldsworthy Scholl had a private school in Clunes in early 1870's. He was born in Cornwall, U.K. in 1836 and married Emily Bennett in February 1857. James arrived in Melbourne on the "Agincourt" in November 1863 and Emily in July 1863 on the "Golden Land" James died in 1893 and Emily 1932

Physical description

1. Enlarged photo of Mrs. James Goldsworthy Sholl (nee Bennett) Approx 1879 with 5 of 11 children (from left to right Albert 1875, Laura 1864, Emily Scholl, Bertha 1877, Arthur 1870, Anne 1868)
2. Original photo of Emily Scholl
3. Original photo of James Goldsworthy Scholl
4. Copy of parish map showing school location
5. Written account of family history

Inscriptions & markings

On item 2. and 3. Printed gold lettering Yeoman, Paris Panel, Royal Arcade Melbourne