Historical information

The Ballarat Youth Centre was in Eastwood Street, Ballarat. It was registered by the Charities Board.

Physical description

Newsletters of the Ballarat Youth Centre
.1) 'What's Doing? Monthly News of the Ballarat Youth Centre' Jan-Fed 1947. A four page newsletter featuring two photographs and a number of articles. Authors include T.A Laing (Superintendent) , C.F. Jeffrey (Vice-President), K.H. Price (President), R. McLeod (Chairman), L. Ling (Vice President), H.S. Trevenen (Hon. Secretary), E. Tresize (President Youth Centre Mothers' Association, E.M. Marshall (Chairwoman Youth Centre Canteen Committee)
.2) A letter on The Ballarat Youth Centre letterhead to mothers of children enrolled in the Pre-school child play centre signed by Thomas A. Laing.