Historical information

Reference 'Elix TaraxacCo Squam' (Elixar Taraxaccum squamosum or T. squamulosum: Flora of Victoria : 'Taraxacum squamulosum, Soest Dandelion, Acta Bot. Neerl. 6: 413 (1957) APNI, Taxonomic status : Accepted, Occurrence status : Present, Establishment means : Naturalised'.
'AC. TARTAR', 'TR. DIGITAL.' (Digitalis sp.), 'POTASS : CARB' (Potassium Carbonate) , ' ...Quillaia',(Quillaja saponaria),
'Tinct.Calumbae' (Tincture Calumbae : root of Jateorhiza Columba), 'TR.CIMICIF.' (Tincture of Cimicifuga sp. possibly C.racemosa), 'ESS.ROSAS' (Essence of roses), ' ..ubi Acet.' (??? acetate /acetone), 'POISON Liq. Hyd. Perchlor.' (Liquid hydrogen perchloride), 'LIN. CAMPH. CO.', 'INF. AU...', '..RANTI', 'OL. ORIGA..', '..FERR.DIAL'.

Physical description

Numerous entire, most damaged celluloid apothecary jar labels with black text on white background, bounded by red and gold border. Some paper apothecary jar labels, mostly damaged, all in a purple paper covered cardboard box originally containing self adhesive plasters.

Inscriptions & markings

On side of purple box a white paper label with text inside black rimmed circle 'PODOPHYLL.........Pill....Dose.....One....HOOD & CO CHEMISTS 215 Elizabeth Street, MELBOURNE'.
Inside lid of box : 'ZINCOPLACT Regd. SELF ADHESIVE PLASTER. INVALUABLE FOR CUTS,SMALLWOUNDS ETC. ANTISEPTIC Can also be used for binding and sealing jars and bottles, cricket bats and the like. ONE YARD TINS 1/2 inch 1 inch and 1 1/2 inch wide. The same quality as used by Surgeons and ....Hospitals throughout .....World. ZINCOPLAST LESLIES LTD This plaster causes no irritation and withstands washing ........I.....ingredients are exceptionally pure. MANUFACTURED BY LESLIES, LIMD. LONDON ENG'.
One damaged paper label '......GLYCERINE......... PASTILLES These pastilles possess very soothing properties and are highly recommended to Singers and Public Speakers. TRADE JD MARK JULES DENOUL & CO. CARLTON WORKS, LONDON, S.E. TRADE JD MARK'.
Paper label :'Elix TaraxacCo Squam HOOD & CO., (F. W. BAIRD.) Pharmaceutical Chemists 215 ELIZABETH ST., MELBOURNE.'
Series of celluloid bottle labels : 'AC. TARTAR', 'TR. DIGITAL.', 'POTASS : CARB', ' ...Quillaia', 'Tinct. Calumbae', 'TR.CIMICIF.', 'ESS.ROSAS', ' ..ubi Acet.', 'POISON Liq. Hyd. Perchlor.', 'LIN. CAMPH. CO.', 'INF. AU...', '..RANTI', 'OL. ORIGA..', '..FERR.DIAL'.