Historical information

Possibly acquired by seafarer Mr Arthur Dixon who served in WW2 merchant vessels. The origin of the lighters appears to be Austria and could have been acquired either during or post his war service. Initial research indicates an approximate date of 1950s for date of manufacture.


See Donor details 1727-1737.

Physical description

2 Small, cylindrical, fluted, polished, stainless steel cigarette lighters, with flint action. Includes a flint gauge in the ignition unit. Runs on lighter fuel, with inbuilt wick.
Accompanying bronze coloured metal case of flints. Manufacturer name embossed on body. Lid incised with cylindrical grip of 4 ridges.

Inscriptions & markings

Lighter1: PATENT/BORA/EXTRA/MADE IN/AUSTRIA (stamped alongside body of lighter)
Lighter2: PATENT/Made/in/Austria/902. At right angles at base of lighter, REL
Flints: Thorens (stamped in brand name logo style on body at right angle to lid)