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WHS Oral History Cassette/CD

From the Collection of Wangaratta High School 17-49 Edwards Street Wangaratta Victoria

Cassette tapes and CDs with Student interviews of:
Cassette: Doug James & Harry Kilminster, Una (Hoysted) Richards (1920-1926), Mrs B. Law, Mrs Audrey Hill, David Evans, Mr Herry, Andrew Blair (1969-76), Mr H. Dike, John Evans & Myra Baxter, Mrs Avis Stevens (McDonald, 1942), Mr Adrian Twitt (1960s-1990s), Dianne Copper (1957-?), Mr Vin Blatch (1938-1940), Mr W. Coleman (1928-?), Mr A. Bell (1944-?), Mrs A. Stenart (1920-1930), Tiny Kahn (Peterson, 1932-?), Mary Gregry (Spencer, 1932-1944), Mrs S. McDonald, N.G. McGuffe (1940), N. Green, Lorna Hogan (1947-1950), Mary Gregory (Spencer, 1932-1944), Mrs Stone (Robertson, 1957-1968), Leon Kildea, Frank Cunningham & Harvey Dike, M. Pullen (Nee Grossman), Mrs M. Sartome (Hemphill, 1961-1965), Barbara Laycock, Adrian Twitt, Jenine (Moore) Farett, Jack Cullen & Mae Osmotherly, Ted Brieriy & Meussa Andrew, Pual Schaes & Helen Hill, Judy Rose & Bill O'Callaghan, Lyn Barr & Murray Edgar, Robert Keene & Doug McGregor, Pam Mabin & Trent McGregor, Elaine Mudge & Anne Bell, Jack Cullen, Mr J. W. O'Calloghan, M. Paterson (Fry) 1943-1944, Mrs Elaine Graham, Rhonda Diffey & Terry Magree, Brian O'Flynn, Peggy Richie & Jenny McDonald, Mr Frank Spink (1909-1920), Mrs W. Ellis (1915-?), Brian Scamell (1961-1968), Diana Pikula (1971-1975), Brenda Barr, Joyce Lavis Sargent, Bronwnyn Strune (James), Karen & Julie Rees, Alice Wilson (Waldole), Bruce Revell, Jenny Martin & Sandra Dinsdale, Mrs Tibbals
CD: Una (Hoysted) Richards (1920-1926), Mrs A Stewart (1928-1932), Mrs W Ellis (1915), Mr Frank Spink (1909-1920), Mrs Avis Stevens (McDonald, 1942), N.G. McGuffe (1940), Andrew Blair (1969-76), Mr W. Coleman (1928), Mr Vin Blatch (1938-1940)

Also has a blue folder filled with conditions of use forms given to the interviewees
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