Physical description

A folder of correspondence of the Carlotta Tye Memorial's Ladies Guild. Includes:
-Letter from A.F Brockoff and Co Pty Ltd Biscuits, 10/10/1939, willing to donate biscuits and face masks.
--Order form from A.F Brockoff./-Letter from the Rosella Preserving and Manufacturing Co. Ltd, 10/10/1939, willing to give product samples to the church./-Letter from Nicholas Limited, 11/10/1939, offering samples of Aspro./-Letter from Robur Tea Company Limited, 12/10/1939, giving advice on who can provide samples to the church./-Letter from The Kiwi Polish Co, 16/10/1939, regretably informing Gwen that they cannot provide any samples./-Letter from Nugget Polish Pty.Ltd, 16/10/1939, informing Gwen they cannot provide samples for the church./-Receipt from AF Brockoff and Co. Pty. Ltd, dated 31/10/1939./-Letter from Bushells to Gwen Thomas, 16/11/1939, willing to donate tea to the guild./-Form from Entertainments Tax Assessment Act 1942, dated 17/9/1946, registering entertainment for the Parish Hall, Selby. Comes with attached envelope./-Invitation to Annual Anglican Ball, 11/10/1946./-Letter from Bushells, 26/3/1947, refusing a request to provide samples. Attached is a small letter from the Secretary, dated 23/5/1947./-Letter from Ferntree Gully Shire Council to Gwen Thomas, 24/8/1947. Says that the Shire president Violet B.Lambert is willing to come to "Australian Tea" at Parish Hall, Selby./-Handwritten letter from Mr and Mrs H.W Shepherd, 9/9/1947./-Handwritten letter to Gwen, from "A.Grace(?)", dated 14/9/1947./-Handwritten shopping list, undated./-Handwritten letter to Gwen, from Mrs Langford, 14/9/1947, with attached envelope./-Handwritten letter to Gwen, from G.Coling, 19/9/1947, with attached envelope./-Handwritten letter (2 pages) to Gwen, from M.Allchurch(?), 1/11/1947./-Handwritten letter from W.Tompkins, 8/11/1947./-Handwritten letter to Gwen, from Emily Noble, 10/7/1948, with attached envelope./-Handwritten letter to Gwen, from Hadwen and Houghton (specialists in church furniture), 2/11/1949./-Handwritten letter to Mrs Pearce from Majorie Tye, 7/3/1951./-Handwritten letter to Gwen, from G.Waring Lee(?), 18/6/1951./-Handwritten letter to Gwen, from Iris Wood, with attached shopping list, 2/12/1952./-Handwritten letter to Gwen from N.R Geffery, 23/7/1954./-Letter of appreciation from the family of the 'late Mrs Ruby Clinton Cartledge'. Attached envelope says the date 6/4/1955./-Typed letter to Gwen, from R.K Sutherland, 14/1/1957./-Handwritten letter to Gwen, from R.K Sutherland, 9/2/1959./-Handwritten letter (on card) to Gwen, from Violet Lambal 16/6/1959./-Handwritten letter (2 pages on folded piece of paper) to Gwen from Mary H Chessell, 4/7/1959./-Handwritten letter from St Pauls Vicarage, 6/7/1959./-Handwritten letter to Gwen, from Faye Gronlund, 8/7/1960, with attched envelope./-Handwritten letter to Gwen, from Majorie Cromie, with attached envelope with the date 1/8/1960./-Handwritten letter to Gwen from the Church Missionary Society, 18/4/1962./-Letter of sympathy for the death of Percival William Stephenson on 29/5/1962./-Handwritten letter from Miss Thomas to Edna Lindsay, 29/8/1962./-Letter to Gwen from Moran and Cato Pty. Ltd., 19/6/1963./-Handwritten letter to Selby Church of England Guild from a "Martin", 25/6/1963./-Handwritten letter to Gwen from Doris Pearce, 25/6/1963, with attached envelope./-Handwritten letter to Gwen from Dorothy M Donnelly, 1/7/1963, with attached envelope./-Handwritten letter to Gwen from Violet Lambal, 6/7/1963, with attached envelope./-Undated small card to Gwen, from Marjorie Cromie (circa 1963 as it mentions the guild's 25th anniversary)./-Letter to Gwen from Textile Promotions Pty. Ltd., 29/11/1965, promoting Fashion Fabrics Demonstration for 15/6/1966./-Handwritten letter to Gwen, 14/2/1966./-Letter to Gwen from R.K Sutherland, 12/4/1966./-Handwritten letter to Gwen from Kathleen Sutherland, 13/4/1966./-Letter to Gwen from Holdenson and Nielson Marketing Pty. Ltd., 29/4/1966. Written on date says 'April 10th 1967'./-Handwritten letter from Sean Buckley to Gwen Thomas thanking her for an invitation to her guild, with envelope attached, 14/6/1966./ -2 Handwritten letters from Beatrice Thomson to Gwen Thomas, 22/6/1966 and 23/6/1966. Has an attached envelope./-Handwritten letter from L.E.Heard(?) to Gwen Thomas, 4/7/1966. Has an attached envelope./-Handwritten letter from Eva Blyth(?) to Gwen Thomas, 13/7/1966. Has attached envelope./-Handwritten card to Gwen Thomas from Violet Allen and Mr R.Allen. Attached envelope dates the message as 18/7/1966./-2 page handwritten letter to Ladies Guild from H.R and J.E Herod, 24/7/1966./-Handwritten letter to Gwen Thomas from D.Dickinson (Mrs D.Dickinson), 10/8/1966./-Invitation from the St Cuthbert's Church of England Ladies Guild, Menzies Creek to celebrate their birthday on 20/9/1966. Handwritten financial calculations on the back./-3 page handwritten letter (photocopied) from 'The Most Reverend D.J Penman' to the Ladies Guild. Attached is a note saying "Gwen, Please read this and get back to me if you need to. I will get it typed on Thursday, 24/11/1987'./-Handwritten letter from Majorie Cromie to 'Friends of All Saints Tye Memorial Church', 20/4/1996. With envelope attached./-Letter from The Mission of St.James and St.John, promoting donations for homeless children and families, 28/5/1996. Comes with envelope and donation card./-Undated handwritten note on the back of a Cadbury's advertisement./-Card of acceptance of an invitation signed by Emily Buckley, undated. (?)/-Handwritten note, dated 'March 26th', from Majorie Cromie to Mrs Pearce./-Card of two birds on branches, written to Gwen Thomas hoping to see Gwen at a special occasion on October 11th (year unknown)./-Card with purple flowers on the front cover, written to Gwen from Winnie Dea(?)./-Card of roses on the cover, written by Mrs Cromie as she accepts an invitation to the Selby Ladies Guild's 21st birthday./-Handwritten note, consisting of the address of Gwen Simpson./-Letter (typed and handwritten), to Gwen Thomas from Eva Blyth, inviting the president and members of the ladies guild to a group meeting with the Women's Fellowship of the Union Church, Belgrave./-Invitation card from Violet Allen to the Ladies Guild, for a party on 26th July (year unknown)./-Card with roses on it from Gwen Thomas to Majorie Cromie, July 20th (year unknown), thanking Gwen for a recent visit./-Handwritten note to Gwen (authors name hard to read), on Parish of Belgrave paper./-Handwritten letter to Gwen from L.E Herod, date unknown./-2 envelopes to Gwen Thomas. Both are empty but years unknown./-Card with illustration of Carlotta Tye Memorial Church to Susan, Marian and Peter, from 'Julie', November 4th 2009.