Physical description

Folder containing information pertaining to the Local Government amalgamations in Victoria in 1986. Contents:
-copy of "Local Government Act 1958, appointment of a division of the local government commission and referral of proposals to the division", 8 pages and 6 explanatory maps
-memo, dated 21 November 1985 from K. E. Matson, General Manager, Shire of Sherbrooke, to all councillors, re. local government commission and municipal restructure, 12 pages including map
-letter, Warwick Heine, CEO, Shire of Lilydale to K. E. Matson, General Manager, Shire of Sherbrooke, dated 16 April 1986, re. local government restructure (2 copies)
-booklet, "The Restructure of Local Government in Victoria: Options Paper Eastern Melbourne Segment", Local Government Commission June 1986, 24 pages
-article "Residents to fight land deal", Knox-Sherbrooke News, 17 June1986, re. proposed annexation of part of Lysterfield by Berwick Council
-article "Knox and Sherbooke align for the future", The Trader, 30 April 1986, re. alignment of common boundary
-article "Boundary changes 'just a joke'", by Cheryl Critchley, Knox-Sherbrooke News, 6 May 1986 , re. Knox-Sherbrooke boundary alignment
-article "Border clash worsens", by Peter Janky, Mountain District Free Press, 7 May 1986, re. Sherbrooke-Lilydale boundary changes
-article "Ranges future is still clouded", The Free Press 30 April 1986, re. proposal to form a shire covering Dandenong Ranges
-article "Sherbrooke wins first battle in restructuring", by Peter Janky, Free Press, 30 April 1986, re. ceding of forest areas by Knox to Sherbrooke.