The buildings are probably rare remnant examples of their type in the local area and as such are significant to the settlement of Menzies Creek.

The dwelling is significant as a longstanding marker of the Madigan family who were original settlers in the area. Its retention in its site close to the road boundary expresses and maintains a connection with early settlement and rural lifestyles in Menzies Creek over the last century.

The old shed is of interest as a local example of bush construction, particularly in context with the cottage and farm environs. Without the life of the farm and other elements presumed now gone, its value is lessened.

Physical description

Folder containing information pertaining to the history of Madigan Cottage, Menzies Creek. NB: the shed was demolished in November 2001 and the cottage burned down sometime later. Contents:-
Letter, Southern Sherbrooke Historical Society to Shire of Yarra Ranges, dated 9th March 2001, re. sale of property and need for it to be included in shire's Heritage Study.
-Letter, shire to society, dated 20th March 2001, reply to above.
-Letter, shire to society, dated 15th May 2001, follow-up to above, requesting more information.
-Letter, society to shire, dated 30th May 2001, responding to above and including a copy of information previously sent to Chris Johnston, Heritage Study consultant.
-Letter, society to shire, undated, noting intention to lodge an objection to proposed application for development on site.
-Letter, shire to society, dated 22nd October 2001, advising of consultation meeting.
-Yarra Ranges Shire Heritage Study Place Nomination form for Madigan Cottage, prepared by Marian Matta, includes nine colour photos and diagram showing where photos were taken from.
-Black and white copies of photos.
-A3 copy of real estate advertisement, "Mount Evergreen Estate" dated 21st April 1924.
-A3 map showing proposed resubdivision boundary variation, drawn up for Mr. P. Melville, undated but 1990s.
-Copy of application for a planning permit, dated 6th August 2001, including letter by Nick Jonkers describing proposed new buildings, site map showing current vegetation, letter re. proposed removal of vegetation, subdivision plan dated March 1998, and larger scale map printed from shire website on 10th August 2001.
-5 A3 sheets showing site and house plans drawn up for Mr & Mrs N. Jonkers, dated July 2001.