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Booklet - Garden Delight

From the Collection of Warrnambool and District Historical Society Inc. 2 Gilles Street (south of Merri St) Warrnambool Victoria

This is a booklet of 40 pages. The cover has blue printing and was once white or buff-coloured but is now much stained. The pages contain information on plants and seedlings and have many black and white photographs. The booklet is dog-eared and crumpled.
W 14 cm. H 21.3 cm. D .3 cm.
Object Registration
jukes family, warrnambool, floral farm nursery, warrnambool
Historical information
This booklet is a 1932 catalogue of the Floral Farm in Warrnambool. It was established by Charles Allen Jukes who had first opened a plant nursery at Cudgee on the banks of the Cudgee Creek. Early in the 20th century the nursery, the Floral Farm, was re-located to East Warrnambool with the boundary of the property extending along Raglan Parade, Flaxman and Bostock Streets. . A very high paling fence, topped with vertical slats was erected around the property. The Floral Farm continued for some time (with Charles Allen Jukes dying in 1934) and the nursery land was sub-divided for housing. Charles Allen Jukes’ parents, Alfred and Margaret came to Warrnambool in 1856, with Alfred setting up a law business and at one time being the honorary Town Clerk of Warrnambool.
When Made
This booklet is of historical interest as it is a catalogue of the plants and seedlings available in the early 1930s from the Jukes Floral Farm in East Warrnambool. The parents of the Floral Farm business, Alfred and Margaret Jukes, were pioneer settlers in Warrnambool.
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