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Understanding Ballarat's Heritage Education Kit

From the Collection of Ballarat Heritage Services PO Box 2209 Bakery Hill Post Office Victoria

A CD-ROM education package providing information on:
VELS History 4 – Ballarat's heritage can tell us about key events such as Eureka, democracy, gold rushes, federation. Deakin was the member for Ballarat and was involved in the development of the Fine Art Gallery.
- Ballarat’s goldfields were very multicultural in comparison to Ballarat today. Chinese made an impact on the goldfields – miners, mining techniques and in medical treatments.
VELS History 5 – Eureka – what did that say about governance and justice in the 1850’s.
- Working conditions and unionism .. Why would work safety and working hours be important to Ballarat.
What was life like 100 years ago – what work did people do, how were domestic tasks undertaken, how was travel undertaken).
culture and art – what aspects / collections tell us about life in Ballarat.
(note the focus is not on medieval times but the early years of Ballarat – lessons of change and continuity still apply)

VELS History – 6 – Eureka and democracy
Gold rushes and development of tools and skills
Trade unions and work conditions
Remembrance of war
Early multiculturalism
Changes in technology – medical, educational, communications
Technological changes made by Ballarat or Ballarat residents
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