Historical information

Marjorie Joyce Haeffner informed that she was born at Mosgiel Hospital in Mont Albert Road, Surrey Hills in 1924, soon after it opened. According to electoral rolls, her parents Henry Norman Neil and Mabel Haeffner were living at 22 Wharton Street, Surrey Hills at this time. Henry's parents Henry Thomas Haeffner (1858-1935) and Eliza Jane (ms Chesney - 1868-1940) were farmers in the Tallangatta area. Their farm was called 'Ferndale'. Another farm in the area - 'Spring Creek' - was the address of Marj's parents in 1922 before they moved to Melbourne. Some time after 1926 and by 1931 Marj's parents had moved back to Tallangatta to help out on his parents' farm. This was lost during the Depression. Marj's family moved back to Melbourne; her grandparents stayed in the North Albury area until they died. Electoral roll entries show that there was considerable movement of extended family members between town and country.
Marj's parents moved back to Surrey Hills; the electoral roll lists them at 33 Clyde Street in 1936 but Chatham Primary School's list of students records that Marj was there from 1932-1937. She had siblings Jack (enrolled in 1933) and Donald (enrolled in 1934). In 2019 this Edwardian timber home still stands.
Marj was an enthusiastic member of a women's cricket club in the 1940s and 1950s. According to Jocelyn Hall's photo register, this photo was taken at the Haeffner home in Clyde Street.
After she married Marj did not moved far from her childhood home in Clyde Street. She and her husband Brian Lindsay (known as Lindsay) Higgins bought 31 Langford Street, Surrey Hills, a Californian bungalow on a wide block, and between 1961 and 1970 Marj's children Margaret, Wendy, Deborah, Robyn, Adam and Christopher Higgins were also enrolled at Chatham.
Marj's home in Langford Street was sold in April 2019 for $2.08M.

Physical description

A black and white photograph of a lady dressed in white cricket gear standing in front of a house.